Charter Yachts

Behind The Helm specializes in coordinating and planning amazing day trips and even destination events.  We have executed over 1,000 specialized events and weekend getaways. We pride our self's in our adaptability.  Our experienced and creative crew will listen to your unique ideas that reflect your vision as a guest or owner - dream, style, ideas, and budget.

Yacht Management

We have your yacht in hand.  Together with our maintenance management system, our captains and crew, and even our charter management options we can reduce the risk and maximize your yachting needs.


Behind The Helm has many destinations to consider visiting.  Whether you want to charter a yacht at a specific destination or you would like to be aboard your own yacht in a destination.  We handle all the necessary arrangements including the ongoing chartering and maintenance management systems we put in place.  So you can rest easy and visit any location or yacht we offer. 

Behind The Helm

Behind The Helm has over 10+ years in the management business. Ranging from commercial management of the cruise and event industry, even to long range trips aboard yachts for months on end.  Not only can we make your assets feel stress free, we also know how to maintain all aspects without breaking the bank.  Talk to our team today to see how we can help you enjoy your yachts, or how we can help your current business.  Behind The Helm consults on all aspects of the maritime industry, from USCG and CARB compliance, to specialized training of your staff with a pre-set curriculum.  Our team has all been trained rigorously, maybe you might just be looking to staff your current yacht? Becoming one of our clients will take all the headache out of finding a good and reliable crew.  Made simple you enjoy your yachts how you would like to and let Behind The Helm handle the rest.