Charter Yachts

Behind The Helm specializes in coordinating and planning amazing day trips and even destination events.  We have executed over 1,000 specialized events and weekend getaways. We pride our self's in our adaptability.  Our experienced and creative crew will listen to your unique ideas that reflect your vision as a guest or owner - dream, style, ideas, and budget.

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Yacht Management

We have your yacht in hand.  Together with our maintenance management system, our captains and crew, and even our charter management options we can reduce the risk and maximize your yachting needs.

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Behind The Helm is has many destinations to consider visiting.  Whether you want to charter a yacht at a specific destination or you would like to be aboard your own yacht in a destination.  We handle all the necessary arrangements including the ongoing chartering and maintenance management systems we put in place.  So you can rest easy and visit any location or yacht we offer. 

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Behind The Helm

We also specialize in events of all kinds.  We have managed and coordinated over 1,000 weddings and corporate events.  We can provide any service you need.  Anything you could need on your big day or your fundraiser Behind The Helm can facilitate and execute with precision.

Our all inclusive nature will help anyone with their stress.  We can handle everything in house; Catering, Dj, Photographer, Bar keeping.  All of our staff is highly trained with the highest of standards.  Our staff, planners, and company do not recognize the term "impossible".  Everything is possible and we are always ready to accept any challenge or logistical problem you might be struggling with.  With all this inclusive amenities we make it one step easier by handling all payments for needed vendors, catering, etc.  This means you only need to write one check and let us worry about the rest.


Behind The Helm excels in all event planning services and strives to provide luxurious services, even on a budget.  If the budget is to tight we will work with you on how to make your perfect event be executed.  Contact our staff today!