Interior, Deck, Engineering, and Captain's

These three departments are on board all vessels.  We can meet and maintain any of your needs to best suit your budget and your vessel.  Our crew strives to make owning a yacht enjoyable and stress free.  Let Behind The Helm tend to your needs while you sit back and enjoy bliss.

Yacht Deleiveries

Behind The Helm can manage all aspects and will help develop a maintenance program to fit you and your vessel.  Once we sit down and access your vessels needs and a budget we will develop a system of record keeping custom to your vessel.  This allows us to make sure your vessel is 100 % operational and allows you to check on its capabilities as well.  Signing up with our management system is effortless, gives piece of mind to you, and to prepare you for the day you might decided to sell.


Crew & Stewardess

Behind The Helm takes pride in all aspects of your yacht.  All of our stew's and stewardess are trained thoroughly in efficient and luxurious aspects.  Not only will your interior look immaculate but your vacation will feel effortless and relaxing.



The captain is one of many important aspects to your yacht.  Not only is the captain in charge of navigation, but is also in charge of maintaining and monitoring all departments, crew, stew, engine.  If that isn't enough they are also coordinating with head stew and guest needs.  The captain is the point of contact for all needs of you and your yacht so Behind The Helm takes pride in matching the correct captain with you yacht and your personality.



All yachts have different crew needs, not only because of size but all considering outside maintenance, travel, water sports, and so many other aspects.  All of our crew are trained thoroughly in safety and maintenance practices.  With all this training they still find time to be ready and deploy any water activities you may need.  

Ready to relax and enjoy?

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