Maintenance Management

Behind The Helm can manage all aspects and will help develop a maintenance program to fit you and your vessel.  Once we sit down and access your vessels needs and a budget we will develop a system of record keeping custom to your vessel.  This allows us to make sure your vessel is 100 % operational and allows you to check on its capabilities as well.  Signing up with our management system is effortless, gives piece of mind to you, and to prepare you for the day you might decided to sell.


Operational Management System

We will evaluate and even set up guidelines for your captain, crew, and engineering teams to adequately operate your vessel at its most cost effective and safest level.


Ship to Shore Integration

One of the largest benefits of our maintenance program is the effictive monitoring systems.  This includes remotely.  Not only is everything on board being monitored by crew but also on shore in our office location.  This adds to the additonal saftey of the vessel.  We are also able to audit and assign new projects as we see them come to light.


Shore Side Management

Even while your vessel is shore side management is always necessary.  Weather or not your vessel is getting new equipment or maintaining current equipment our maintenance management program takes into account down time to run the most efficient vessel it can.

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