San Diego

With 70 miles of sun soaked coast, calm bay waters and plenty of placid lakes, it's easy to spend a day on or in the water. Escape to the bright side of San Diego, where these water adventures will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Anyone can enjoy kayaking from their very first outing, with challenges ranging from two-hour coastal tours to epic multi-day expeditions. There are specialized techniques and kayaks (or boats as core paddlers call them) for whitewater, sea kayaking, long distance touring, fishing, surfing and river play.

What makes San Diego scuba diving and snorkeling so unique is the kelp. Kelp can grow as much as 30 inches per day and forms an undersea forest with an overhead canopy. Just like a terrestrial forest, the kelp is a teeming three-dimensional realm, extending from the sea floor to the surface, and to dive the kelp is to soar weightlessly through that undersea forest. Garibaldi fish, colorful nudibranchs, bat rays, sea lions and numerous indigenous species all make the kelp forest their home.


Coronado Island

Coronado’s timeless charm inspires you to wander to bliss, experiencing cashmere-soft sands, lush parks, one-of-a-kind boutiques and atmospheric dining. If you long to escape and feel your wellbeing soar, your heart will love Coronado.

Point Loma

There are, in fact, no real beaches on Point Loma, but it’s one of the best places in San Diego to meditate on waves crashing on the cliffs and explore tidepools in the rocky reefs full of marine life. At the furthest tip of Point Lomayou’ll find Cabrillo National Monument, a tribute to explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who led the brave expedition in 1542. The monument—with panoramic views of the bay and ocean—is also home to the Point Loma Lighthouse and is the access point to some of San Diego’s most impressive tide pools. Just be sure and check the schedule for low tides.

La Jolla

From the crashing waves to the award-winning culinary creations, La Jolla sparkles with sights and attractions in a picturesque village where everything is immersed in a casual, relaxed luxury.

Strolling through the village on “date night” or vacationing in one of the village’s signature hotels guarantees luxury and leisure with seaside serenity. Only minutes from downtown, La Jolla promises a sun-kissed Southern California experience like no other.